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Jane Lowe

As a Wife, Mother, Daughter, and Caregiver of Veterans, I experienced firsthand the challenges these men and women face transitioning from Active duty to civilian life. Therefore, I aspired to serve veterans and their families by bridging the hope of service by combating poverty and homelessness and providing various resources.

At Ease was founded to empower the entire veteran community by building better opportunities for veterans and their families, offering housing assistance, employment opportunities, and mental health counseling via referrals of collaborative partnerships. The At Ease motto is, “You rest; we’ll take it from here.”

Our Vision: Empower Veterans & Veteran families transitioning to sustainable healthy lives.

Our Mission: To offer services to all veterans by promoting housing security, job placement, and counseling assistance.

Our mission is to unite our community fight to restore opportunity, eliminate food insecurity, improve living conditions, and make our veterans the top priority.

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